Sophia of the

Bright Red Sneakers

Sophia MacGreggor has a most unusual family. Orphaned when she was only a baby, she was taken in by her grandmother, who has since passed away. Now she lives alone in apartment 4A and her guardian, Mr. O'Donohue (or Mr. O'D.) lives in apartment 4B, just as he did when her grandmother was alive. Also living with Sophia is Zelda Screech Cat, an all white knock-kneed cat with six toes, pink ears, and a black Nike swish across her right eye. Sophia's best friend, Pedro Gonzalez, lives alone  in the apartment next door while his parents work during the week as domestic servants to a wealthy family on Long Island. Each night they all eat together as a family, except when Pedro's parents are home on Saturday.

Every morning , Sophia (who always thinks in italics and parentheticals)  and Pedro walk to the Jerks , Snobs and Creeps Academy (Johnson Samuel Calder Academy), a posh Upper West Side school. Sophia is a very busy ten year old in the seventh grade, as is Pedro,  the only brown-skinned boy, and worse yet, a scholarship student. When the duo is not battling their teacher, Mrs. Dumphries (emphasis on dumb)  they must defend themselves against the taunts the socialite students led by the fashionista Ella Cru.