The Ghost of Mary   

A song cycle of six songs for soprano, violin, viola, cello and piano, inspired by various texts and theories about Mary Magdalene.  Trinity Presents Trinity: Sunset─Reflections in Music, Art and Poetry (2016), Astoria, NY; premiered at WMP Concert Hall, New York, NY (2011).

No. 6. Hear My Voice, Oh Universe

My spirit lay silenced, dormant, not dead, not perished, 

nor gone forever.

  Rather, resting, gathering strength, growing.

Open your heart to my song!

    May its words reside as love within your soul.

        May light illumine you in glowing compassion.

            May hatred and fear drop away like grains of sand.


Living is my spirit, not dead, not perished.

    Truth lives on in the tiniest of whispers,

        my message goes forth to the world beyond.

            I give you love, and compassion, and peace.


Hear my joy, oh Universe.

"Hear Me, O Universe" from 

The Ghost of Mary


Tracy Bidleman, Soprano

Mary Bopp, Piano (November, 2010)

WMP Concert Hall, Manhattan

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