Eight songs for soprano and tenor. Songs 1 and 2 were premiered in “Under Construction” at the Pulse Ensemble Theater, New York, NY (2002). A duet was added in 2016 and performed at Trinity presents Trinity Concert, Astoria, NY along with Songs 1 and 2.

It is 3:00 a.m. in New York City.  Him (an actor playing the part of Sherlock Holmes, but who waits tables to make end meet) and Her (an aspiring opera singer who works as a legal secretary) live across a courtyard from each other. Each can see the other pass through their apartments but have never met. After a tough day, each has fallen asleep reading on their sofa and are awakened by their respective animals―Snowball an all black cat―and Rocky, a tiny chihuahua.

No. 3 Duet: Wouldn’t It Be…


Her:  Snowball

Him: Rocky!  

Her: Get your tail out of my mouth! It's three a. m. 

Him: My face does not need washing at three a. m.

Her:  And, you can stop kneading me with your claws!

Him: Alright you can lay here, but the tongues got to stop!

Him and Her: It's three a. m.


Him:  Wouldn't it be nice to hold a girl when the nights are cold?

Her: To snuggle with someone not four legged
          and covered with fur.

Her:  Wouldn't it be nice to pay only half of the rent?

Him:  To share the cooking and the laundry?

Him: Wouldn't it be nice to have someone who needs me?

Her: And not always have to be strong.

Him: Wouldn't it be nice to be told that "it will all work out?"

 Her: Yes it would be nice to share my worries instead of
          pretending I'm not afraid.

Him: And what if life passes me by?

Her:  Who knows? I could maybe meet that actor, who waits


Him: I wonder what that gal who a sings is like across the way?


Him: I wonder if he'd be interested in a girl like me?

Her:  I wonder if she'd be interested in a guy like me?

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