Earth Walking, Soul Longing

Six songs for soprano and piano which focus on the connection between the soul and nature. Premiered at the Musikanten Festival in Helena, Montana (2010); Chamber 16, Works of Female Composers, St. Peters Church Series, March 2012; and  WMP Concert Hall, New York, New York (2011).

1. The Call

The Earth Goddess boldly strides

rain spattered, pocked gray streets.

Her autumn tattered raiment

twirls, swirls ‘round her feet.

She bids me to follow.

I ignore her call and drift away.

2. Defiance

Leaves crimson and gold, mud-tattered yellow,

Defiantly cling to the known.

Entwining and  embracing,

they hug the  asphalt wetness,

avoiding Her wide-swathed broom.


Trudging through dampened streets,

weighted with belongings and cares,

my path is littered with disposable thoughts.


Brain mutterings muddle, puddle,

become mired in muck.

A precious few lift and float

bound toward star and moon.

"The Call" and "Defiance" from

Earth Walking, Soul Longing


Gretchen Mundinger, Soprano

Mary Bopp, Piano (February, 2011)

St. Peter's Church, Manhattan

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