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Mission 1: All in a Day's Work

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In New York City, challenges confront Sophia MacGregor and her BFF Pedro Gonzalez with every step they take. First, Sophia and Pedro are on the Cru Crew’s daily hit list at their posh private school. Pedro’s a Hispanic scholarship student. Outspoken Sophia favors red high-top sneakers over Prada stilettos. Worse yet, both are at the top of the Cru Crew’s eighth-grade honors class and are only ten years old. The Crew has one goal. Dispose of them ASAP! Sophia and Pedro have assembled a team for their sleuthing and rescue operations. Wahoo the Arctic Raven is a brilliant inventor. His talents lie in strategy, technology, and surveillance. Zelda Screech Cat’s specialty is maneuvering through difficult tight spots unseen—and, of course, tormenting humans. Each is telepathic in multiple animal and human languages. Non-telepathic team members include three grown-ups who are grudgingly allowed to help. Mr. O’D, Sophia’s guardian, lives across the hall. His job is to monitor Sophia’s and Pedro’s suspicious activities. If the meter climbs too high, he alerts his poker buddies, Henry, a retired FBI agent, and his NYPD nephew Lionel. They lend professional help on the sly. When Sophia and Pedro visit their good friend Jack the Polar Bear in the Central Park Zoo after school, they find him in terrible shape. He’s depressed and withdrawn. Jack’s old friend Wahoo confides the bear is terrified. Russian animal poachers are plotting to abduct him! They immediately launch Operation Rescue Jack. Now, not only are they in the crosshairs of the Cru Crew but are caught in those of the Russian mob.

Sophia, Pedro and their animal friends.
Time-traveling unexpected visitors arrive.

There are still two b-o-o-ring weeks to go until the Underground Railroad Seminar begins at school. Out of desperation, Pedro, Sophia, and Zelda Screech Cat visit Central Park Zoo. Today is Jack the Polar Bear’s first day back after Sophia and Pedro helped save him from Russian poachers. As they sit on the bench in front of the polar bear pool, a bolt of lightning strikes out of nowhere. When the cloud of smoke clears, two disheveled children in 19th-century clothing jump up from the ground. Jeb and Liza ask if Sophia and Pedro can tell them where to find the AME Zion Church. It’s a stop on the Underground Railroad. The two enslaved children had been trying to escape the Oak Grove Plantation with their father. While sailing through the Great Dismal Swamp, a large electrical storm overturned their boat. Now they have reached New York City, but it’s 2019 instead of 1832. Their new task is daunting. Sophia and Pedro must keep them safe until a permanent solution can be found. Jeb and Liza need new identities and a plausible background story, plus paperwork to attend school. This is something Sophia’s hacking skills can help with. The twins must learn how to act like savvy New York ten-year-olds. Sophia and Pedro enroll Jeb and Liza in the Underground Railroad Seminar to watch over them during the week. Upon learning Liza’s and Jeb’s last names, teacher Dr. Clara Randall knows she has information at home that will reveal the bigger story. Along with Sophia and Pedro, Dr. Randall intends to find out more, and ensure the Cru Crew does not.

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