In the Woods (2013)

Night winds steal secretly through the woods,

gently kissing awakening leaves.

Under pale birch boughs,

seedlings yield to warm spring zephyrs.

Nature dances with enchantment to the song

of moonlight playing upon bark.

In stillness, Wise Woman Earth spins her web,

interweaving all that has passed -- all yet to be.

A palpable energy vibrates in harmony

with this dance of life,

awakening a primordial sense of being.

A deep memory cocooned within nature,

entreats human heart and mind to listen.

birches at night.jpg

Watching Eyes (2014)

A weathered house stands guard over the bay.

Neither white, nor yellow shades of gray.

Each chip of paint and raw board marks an existence.

Its pocked face, neither beautiful or ugly,

proudly exhibits the bumps and scrapes of a long life.

Standing strongly through the storms,

its many windows keep watch through the stand of trees.

Always watching―waiting for the return.

Waching eyes.jpg

Mist Filled Path (2013)

I walk a mist-filled path 

    connected by slender threads.

At times they ravel and break.

   A darkness descends.

In this fertile womb, thought takes root, blooms.

Slender luminous tendrils wind their way toward light.

misty path.jpg

Fog  (2014)

The cries of unknown birds pierce the curtain of fog.

Singular clumps of grass guide the gaze outward.

Shoals form dark teacups for the receding tide.

Colorful boats wear a foggy wrap of mist.

Preening, at the hint of the Sun’s glow,

Seagulls dive among the pools searching for repast.

Water Birds