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Chapter 16 | Where is Vlad? | Excerpt

Super Sleuths Pedro and Sophia hopped off the bus at the 50th Street stop and walked back to 51st. The buildings became increasingly run down as they walked toward the river. Sophia, as Lead Investigator, presented her plan.
“We’ll hit the Mister Creamy truck on the corner, then eat our cones on that bench while we watch Vlad’s apartment.”
“Excellent! Since ice cream is a key food group, if we add strawberries, we’ll get total nutrition!”
She paid for the cones, and the two sauntered toward the bench. Sophia tipped her cone to Pedro’s. “Here’s to our daily dose of chemicals and carcinogens!”
“Shut up! You don’t have to spoil my fantasy.”
“Real ice cream may be essential, but I’m sure there’s a warning somewhere saying Not Fit for Kids Who Want to Live Past Sixteen.”
“You win. However, more important is how are we going to break into Vlad’s?”

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