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Introducing the Cru Crew

From Sophia and the Bright Red Sneakers, Mission 1: All in a Day's Work.

Meet Ella Cru

"As if to remind Sophia of her status, standing in front of the door to Mrs. Dumfries’s classroom was Ella Cru, a.k.a., Cruella the Creep. Ella was the prettiest and the richest. Her highlighted chestnut locks always glistened. The ugly bag dress even looked elegant on her. Though Ella instigated her share of evil, she always appeared to be one step from sainthood."

Meet Suzy Snodgrass

"Suzy Snodgrass, a.k.a., Sue the Snot@#$@#, could never resist expressing her opinion. “That old stuff is bo-o-o-ring!”

"As Ella’s best friend and evil ally, Suzy played the role of enforcer when it came time for all to obey Queen Cruella. Suzy took after her father. He was a hotshot lawyer who sued anyone and everyone. Almost everyone feared Suzy because she was six feet tall already, and she added even more height by piling up her blond hair into a giant hive atop her head—minus the swarm of bees."

Meet Brad Whitewood

"Pedro’s prophecy was accurate. Blocking the entrance to the main hall was Brad Whitewood, a.k.a. Brad-the-Block. He played as a middle linebacker on the intramural football team and served as a human block to any intellectual pursuit. Aside from being the richest boy in the school, he had social clout as Suzy Snodgrass’s boyfriend. All the outcasts steered a wide berth around the giant. Sophia would not allow him to intimidate her. Pedro, however, would run."

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