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Late Bloomer|Sassy Senior: Mary Wesley

Quote by Mary Wesley
Late Bloomer | Sassy Senior | Mary Wesley

Mary Wesley (1912–2002) was the pen name of British novelist Mary Aline Siepmann. Her genres include children’s books, historical fiction, British Literature, romance, and fiction novels. Her books attained bestselling status during the last twenty-five years of her life, i.e., between the ages of seventy and ninety. A definite Late Bloomer, Wesley never-the-less defied literary and social conventions by writing graphic sex scenes in her adult novels. I guess that would earn placement in the Sassy Senior category. Her stories usually involve upper-middle-class characters and take place during WWII or pre-war era, in the West Country. Check her out. Yay Seniors!!

To see a list of her books, go to

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