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Meet Pedro Gonzalez

Pedro Gonzalez is Sophia’s best friend and co-conspirator in sleuthing and improving the world one mission at a time. He is ten years old, almost eleven, and a scholarship student at the James Samuel Calder Academy. He has two strikes against him—low income and he’s Brown. But this does not stop him from always being positive and kind. Plus, he’s about as smart as Sophia, which also does not go over very well with the reigning Cru Crew in the eighth-grade honors class.

Sophia is usually the boss, but occasionally Pedro takes the lead. In this scene, Pedro and Sophia are waiting for Mr. O’D to come to the dinner they have cooked. They need to convince Mr. O’D to leave quickly after they eat, so that they can meet with Wahoo the Raven to plot their strategy regarding Jack the Polar Bear.

“Gee, Mr. O’D, are you feeling okay? You’re looking a little tired.” Pedro felt a light kick from Sophia under the table. “Just tired from getting home later than usual from my poker game. No matter how late I get to sleep, I still wake up at five a.m. sharp.” “After dinner, you should just watch some TV and go to bed early.” Pedro felt another kick from Sophia. They often used telepathy to avoid Mr. O’D overhearing. Can you be any more obvious, doofus? Pedro scowled at Sophia. I’m trying to plant a subliminal suggestion. I saw Reid do it on the Criminal Minds reruns. ‘Subliminal’ means he’s not aware of the suggestion. Double doofus! You might as well tell him to scram so we can meet with a crazy raven to thwart some Russian poachers. Mr. O’D stifled a yawn. “I think I’ll take your advice.” So there, Miss Know-It-All! It worked!

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