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Meet Sean O'Donohue (Mr. O’D)

Lionel from NYPD, Henry a retired FBI agent, Mr. O'D

Sean O'Donohue was Sophia’s grandmother, Elspeth MacGregor's soul mate and best friend. When Sophia came to live with Nana as an orphan baby, Mr. O’D became her surrogate grandfather. He understood Sophia because he had been an orphan in Ireland before coming to live with an Irish couple in Hell's Kitchen.

Now in his late sixties, he is Sophia’s guardian but still maintains the same living arrangements as when Nana was alive. Mr. O’D and Sophia, as well as Pedro, eat most meals together when Pedro’s parents are away working. He goes to the supermarket each morning wearing his Donegal cap and reads Yeats in the evening with his two fingers of Jameson. Several nights a week he plays poker with his best friends, Henry, an ex-FBI agent, and Lionel, Henry's nephew in the NYPD. Together, they are Sophia’s backup crew when one of her adventures goes awry.

Mr. O’D guides Sophia, but without stifling her intellect or various skills, such as white hacking and sleuthing! His life is never boring with Sophia’s ongoing missions and Zelda Screech Cat’s snarky antics.

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