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Meet Sophia of the Bright Red Sneakers

Sophia MacGregor, a.k.a., Boss-In-Chief, is a precocious ten-year-old who is in the eighth-grade honors class at the posh James Samuel Calder Academy on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Her best friend and co-conspirator is Pedro Gonzalez, who lives in the building next door and who also attends JSCA. In my Friday posts, I am going to be writing about different aspects of my upcoming books. Today’s blog introduces the main character on a typical day at school. In an encounter with her nemesis, Ella Cru, the fashionista who is head of the Cru Crew, Sophia’s signature footwear of red sneakers with trailing red and white striped laces becomes a problem.

Excerpt from Chapter 2 of Mission 1: All in a Day’s Work

An alarm should have sounded when Ella smiled and allowed Sophia

to pass by her, but the fact Ella had beaten her to school distracted

Sophia. Queen Ella always arrived last to ensure all courtiers were in attendance. Could it be that Sophia was late? She tried to cover her

trepidation by smiling at Pedro across the room as she entered. Ella

extended her size ten Prada-clad foot and trapped Sophia’s trailing

shoelaces, causing her to fly across the aisle and into the lap of John

Falcrest. He gallantly helped the embarrassed girl to her feet while

picking up her books and papers. She tried to pretend that this was

no big deal. (O.M.G., not in front of only the cutest, nicest boy in the

entire school!)

Pedro jumped from his seat, waving his right arm. “Did you see that?

Ella tripped her on purpose!”

Mrs. Dumfries made Pedro sit down and be quiet. “I saw no such thing.

If Sophia would wear the proper footwear, she could maintain a ladylike deportment.”

(Dumfries has spoken—special emphasis on “Dumb”!)

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