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Meet Zelda Screech Cat

From Sophia of the Bright Red Sneakers Series | Mission 1: All in a Day's Work

Mr. O’D gave a full belly laugh. “That cat never obeys an order, so I think I’ll get rid of that post. She rarely uses it, and it takes up too much space.”
An emerald eye popped open, followed by a languorous stretch. Zelda rose to all fours and waddled knock-kneed over to the post, her black-tipped white tail at full mast. She fixed her eyes on the two humans. As she stared, she took a swipe at the post with her left six-toed foot, talons fully extended, then followed up with a swift one-two. Zelda glanced over her shoulder and winked at Sophia before she sashayed back to the sofa.
(Telepathing in CatScreech.) Next time you want to prove your theory, you cough up some of those mouse treats. Even better, get me a real mouse to play with. It gets boring around here.
You sleep twenty-four-seven! What difference does it make? Sophia picked up the dinner dishes and carried them to the sink.
Then take me to the zoo with you and Pedro!
Yeah, right!

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