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  • Susan Stoderl

Susan's Take on 2024 Publishing Trends

10 Trends in the Publishing Business

1. Kindle Unlimited’s payment system has encouraged writers to emphasize output per year. Now, with “AI perfection,” writers must be at the top of their game to produce a quality cover, story, editing, and launch. Quality will be a 2024 publishing trend.

2. With the rise of AI, a connection between an author and their community is crucial. To set your writing apart from that of AI, you must reach the readers with an engaging human voice.

3. In email marketing, stacking group promos over a 3-5-day period is more effective than doing one promo at a time.

4. AI can be useful for marketing, however, it sometimes can require a lot of editing. I use it to slenderize a message since I can be wordy. In complex writing, AI sometimes gets confused, such as putting the wrong subject and verb together. 

5. Expect TikTok ads to become increasingly prominent. There is a possibility that TikTok may place limits on views to increase their ad revenue.

6. With AI, piracy and copyright infringement are on the rise because AI makes it easier for fraudsters to publish an author’s work as their own. To watch out for known scams, check “Writer Beware” or “ALLI Watchdog.”

7. Avoid burnout by focusing on work sustainability. Social media consumed most of my professional focus. I am currently changing how I do my social media so that I write a minimum of two full days a week. 

8. Subscription services such as Patreon, Ream, or Shopify are attracting more authors who wish direct contact with their audience. WordPress using member plugins is another alternative. If you already have an audience or want to try building one, this is worth investigating.

9. Social media companies are making a lot of missteps. Twitter (now X) is not viable for authors like it once was. Meta platforms are being sued for being harmful to children. Review bombers on Goodreads have been posting many negative reviews to damage specific authors. TikTok has a sketchy relationship with OpenAI and is Chinese-owned. Use social media as you want, focusing on a couple of platforms, but the best bet is to build your email list.

10. Large and small publishing companies, as well as indie publishing establishments, are merging. Another trend is that marketing services are now pairing with discounted booksellers. 

Note: condensed from Written Word Media Blog (1-3-24) by Clayton Noblet


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