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The Dreaded Finding

One of the nastiest words in the writing world has to be "typo." I discovered that today, but luckily it was me who found it and it's fixable. In a way, it's not a typo, but rather the scanner that turns the manuscript into an eBook and print book does not read Chinese characters. It substituted commas. The other mistake I found was that I had obviously changed a sentence, but accidentally left in a word that should not be there. I sincerely hope I caught them all. The book has been professionally proofread three times. But this one I'm sure was my fault because I kept tweaking it.

The other needed change was one illustration worked in the eBook because it shows them in color, whereas the print version shows them in greyscale. That was easy to fix.

I also have to confess that reading it for the twenty-seventh time was not as much fun as the first twenty-six!

#middlegradefiction, #middegradedetectivebooks, #sophiaofthebrightredsneakers

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