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Wahoo's Inventions and Brand

Wahoo the Raven is a great inventor. Shown in the picture to the left are a few of his many inventions with descriptions from Mission 1: All in a Day's Work. Following are some quotes from my book with reference to each item.

Should he return to typing his memoir on his BlackZip™ typewriter, which he had designed, assembled, and trademarked under his BlackRaven™ brand?
The ledge outside held his string bag hammock and a side table repurposed from a spinning blue yo-yo top.
Wahoo had assembled a hibachi from an aluminum pan from a dumpster. That was to hold the charcoal. A metal grid sat on top. Charcoal was easy to “borrow” from the carts roasting chestnuts or pretzels, albeit without the owners’ knowledge.
When he was young, scientists had tagged his wings. The tags were ugly, but he solved that problem. Raven Fashion 101: Remove tags. Insert earring. Voila! WingLinks™. Women all over Manhattan were clamoring to donate their earrings to his cause, and it was his gentlemanly duty to save earrings from being forced to attend one more boring tea party on a society maven’s earlobe.
... stepped onto his balcony RavenPort™. Then he flapped his wide wings and soared into the air toward the zoo.
"Enough talk! Hold out your arm so I can sit on it to pick the lock." Pedro complied while Wahoo employed his trusty RavenPicks™.
It looks like one of those small squeeze toys for a dog, but it is my latest safety invention, the SophiaSiren™. When you squeeze it, it places a distress call to 911 along with your GPS coordinates, as well as texting Henry and Lionel.

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