Welcome to Sassy Senior

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

… my new blog. In this blog I am addressing transitions: moving from New York City to Asheville, NC, inching along the senior continuum a bit at a time, finally being able to be my full artistic self (provided I get this web page done!), and whatever else comes to mind!

Sassy Senior is about embracing coming fully into Crone age. It is not just being over sixty-five or whatever measurement you wish to use, it is about finally possessing a modicum of wisdom about myself, the world and how that all fits together and works. In the Celtic tradition, Crones were not wizened, ugly, bent women, but regarded as being able to shepherd younger women because of their experience.

For those of you who do not know, the word "Crone" comes from the word crown, and is used to describe a Wise Woman. I am not sure how wise I am, but at least I have reached a state of possessing a certain amount of wisdom, and hopefully it is growing. So since I have upgraded myself to Crone status, just call me Queen Sassy!

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