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  • Susan Stoderl

What I Would Do Differently | Part 2: Know Why You Are Writing

Things First-Time Self-Publishing Author Would Do Differently
Part 2: Know Why You Are Writing

Knowing why you write before, during, and after self-publishing a book is important. The reasons why you write determine what story you tell and your chosen genre. It also tells you who your audience is, essential to marketing. I’m narrowing it down, and I published it in November. I merely fell into what I wrote and was lucky it is something I’m enjoying.

My book series Sophia of the Bright Red Sneakers grew out of a short story I wrote as part of a group healing process. It was about a little girl named Sophia who found out that she felt empowered as soon as she put on her red sneakers. I chose the name Sophia because it means wisdom. I had two spirit animals, a polar bear and a raven who had quite distinct characters, plus a real cat named Zelda who invented the word “ornery.” Sophia was spunky, smart, and self-assured. Except for smart, not something I was as a kid.

Another important reason for knowing why you write is to enable yourself to put up with all you need to do to become a somewhat recognized, successful writer. It is essential to remind yourself daily why you write when you are truly overwhelmed.

I write to understand a complicated world that keeps repeating the same mistakes. To heal the traumas of my past, and through doing that, perhaps help others who may have some of the same issues. I write to educate, inspire and entertain. Besides, it’s fun. I get to playact as I write my characters. I see them, feel them and watch them. If they do something I don’t like, I can just rewrite it. Alternatively, I can get even and enjoy it.


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