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  • Susan Stoderl

Late Bloomer, not once, but twice | Eugenia Lovett West

Eugenia Lovett West was born in February 1923. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College amidst WWII and took jobs with Harper’s Bazaar and the American Red Cross before marrying her dashing fighter pilot. Four children later, and after many small newspaper assignments which grew tired of, she turned her focus to novels. Doubleday and Ballantine published her first novel, “Ancestors Cry Out” in 1979, at fifty-six. Until almost thirty years later, no more published novels. “Without Warning” came in 2007 and “Overkill” in 2009, followed by “Firewall” and “Sarah’s War” in 2019. Now at ninety-nine, Eugenia Lovett West is working on a sequel to “Sarah’s War.”

This is a superb example of “keeping the faith” in yourself as a writer.


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