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  • Susan Stoderl

Meet the Characters from the Middle-Grade Fiction Book, Mission 1: All in a Day's Work

Characters from Mission 1: All in a Day's Work


Sophia MacGregor and her BFF and co-conspirator, Pedro Gonzalez, form a dynamic duo to detect, protect, and rescue. During the school day, they fight the bullies and fashionistas at the James Samuel Calder Academy, a.k.a. JSCA. They spend the rest of their time on their true calling, which often results in trouble—much to the dismay of their Support Team!


Sean Donoghue (Mr. O’D), is Sophia’s guardian, who lives across the hall. His job is to keep a gentle eye on her and all of her shenanigans. Henry is a retired FBI agent who now operates Henry’s Famous Hot Dogs cart in Central Park Zoo. They visit him on their way to see Jack the Polar Bear at the Zoo. Henry’s nephew, Lionel, is in the NYPD. Together, they aid Mr. O’D in rescuing Sophia and Pedro when one of their missions goes sideways.


Sophia’s unique animal friends are telepathic, like she and Pedro in various animal languages. Zelda Screech Cat is her snarky, annoying pet. Jack the Polar Bear, the target of Russian Poachers, is their favorite animal in the Central Park Zoo. Through Jack, they meet Wahoo the Raven, a brilliant, witty, and bossy inventor who becomes a co-conspirator of Sophia and Pedro in “Operation Save Jack.” Their newest friends are Knight and King, two matched Central Park carriage horses.


Cru Crew reigns over the eighth-grade honors class at JSCA. Ella, also known as Queen Cruella, is the undisputed leader of the Crew. Suzy Snodgrass is her loyal sycophant and note-keeper. Brad Whitewood, or Brad-the-Block, is a champion on the Intramural Football team and Suzy’s main squeeze. They live to terrorize and rid the school of Sophia and Pedro.


Before Mikhail took his place as the head of a criminal cell in the Brighton Beach Odessa Mafia, he and his nephew Ivan were notorious poachers of endangered animals. International Authorities have arrest warrants on them, but they can hide within the Odessa Mafia. Dimitri, an enforcer for Mikhail’s cell, is aiding Mikhail and Ivan in their plan to steal Jack from the zoo.


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