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  • Susan Stoderl

Writer's Life | Keeping Everything in Order

This is a graphic I have used many times before because it exactly captures what is like to be a writer. However, this desk is far more ordered than mine. The stack of to-do post-its is about the same, all with something I should have done last week, such as writing this blog post.

Getting work done has been harder because of the thumb surgery I had almost five weeks ago. I can type but it is awkward and I make a lot of typos since I am not using the correct fingers on my right hand. Luckily I learned to use the mouse with my left hand a long time ago.

Next week my Prequel to Mission 1: All in a Day's Work | Sophia Meets Pedro, a middle-grade fiction book, will go to the editor. I will be using it as a giveaway during my book launch, which I hope to do in September and release the new audiobook version of Mission 1: All in a Day's Work, narrated by Elizabeth Klett. This means today I will clean up the Word file that I exported from Scrivener so that it is ready to go. Then the next thing is making a list of people to interview on my literacy podcast, Beyond the Books | The Road to Success, which I hope to launch in July.

The one thing I never seem to do is pick up that feather duster.

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