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  • Susan Stoderl

Writer’s Life | Keeping Your Creativity On Fire

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Creativity on Fire

Often my writer's life gets overwhelmed trying to get by book writing done. (Hint: Most of that is not writing fiction, but marketing—my least favorite activity!) This week several speakers in the “Author to Profit Summit” hosted by Roy Brehm and Kris Safarova this week spoke of keeping creativity and authenticity in your marketing. Several I learned from were Tom Antion, David Deopker, and Shelby Leigh. I still have more to watch.

More important than the practical application of being creative about marketing, I have learned a lot about keeping creativity on fire. For me, this means getting the marketing aspects done quickly and efficiently, and that works.

Today in the November 9 reading, “Creative Destiny" in Caitlin Matthews' book, The Celtic Spirit, this topic was addressed more fully. Coincidence?

“We think of creativity as the production of professional and beautiful artwork or music or other achievements, but the whole course of our lives is one creative endeavor: not only the work of our hands, but the way we weave our relationships, the way we make our homes, the way we raise our children, cook food, dream, garden, shop—all of these and more are our creative fields.... [I]t is nothing other than the mindful growth, development, and manifestation of the gifts that lie in potentia [powers within], the talents aptitudes, and heritage with which we are born.”

The creative fire comes to us from without and within.


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